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“Colleen came highly recommended to me by several friends who had sent their ponies to her to be trained. I had bought a young horse at an auction and after bringing him home, discovered he had some serious issues, was barely rideable and unsafe to be around. I sent my horse to Colleen and quickly found out she doesn't "break" a horse, she builds one.


“Colleen worked with my horse...slowly and patiently, utilizing the Parelli method. After three months he came home a different horse. He was pleasant to be around, and easily rideable. We gave him the Winter off and in the Spring, sent him back to Colleen for additional training. Colleen built upon her earlier foundation. Today, my horse is being shown in competitive pleasure and hunter divisions by a 13-year old and is usually Champion or Reserve. I am a beginner adult rider and I have learned so much from Colleen. Her training produces well rounded horses and ponies who are comfortable both inside and outside the ring. I recently took my horse on a two-hour trail ride through streams, woods, and deer without thinking twice about any of it!


“She is also training a junior rider on my medium Mustang pony and the pair recently received a 2nd over fences at Upperville in a class of 24 riders in Local Medium Pony Hunters!!! Several people came up to me that day and commented on how awesome Windy (my pony) looked! Thank you Colleen for your amazing work!”


Lori Miller


"Colleen is just a magic maker. She trains ponies beautifully. I've had the pleasure to ride two ponies this spring. Bread & Butter - an adorable huge hearted palomino that I absolutely love - and then there's Nash (sometimes we call him Nashville). He's an awesomely talented, adorable small pony. I am a ten-year old, riding a three-year old and he feels like an extremely experienced fourteen year old!! Although this spring I was able to be only the second person ever on his back and did so in the show ring!!! Colleen is able to spot a great pony's potential and then the pony is lucky to spend time with her!"




<--- MegAnn on "Nash" in his first schooling show





"To put it simply, Colleen works miracles. We have sent two horses to her. One a 12 year old thoroughbred that had no idea what his job was and the other, a just three year old pony that needed to be trained from the ground up. In both cases, Colleen understood exactly what the horse needed and how to get it to respond. While it may sound odd, we have personally watched many training sessions and she "gets into the horses head". They understand what they are supposed to do and do it willingly and without complaint.




She is gentle and patient and gives the horses such all round good care that one never needs to be concerned. Equally important, she communicates with the owner so you know exactly where things are and what is needed. The thoroughbred is now eventing (which he had never done before) and placing well and the pony is already in the ribbons at A shows. Most important, both are enjoying their jobs and our 13 year old daughter has learned so much from being part of the training experience with the pony. Thanks Colleen. You are the best!"


Sandra and Ed

Colleen worked with my pony for just over thirty days this spring and it was an experience that far exceeded my expectations. She took the time to develop an understanding of my goals for my pony, took note of any specific concerns/problems I had prior to the start of her program, and was sure to fully understand what my intentions were with the pony once returned to me. I noticed immediately her meticulous attention to detail - from the personalized name plate mounted on the stall door prior to my pony's arrival right down to the immaculate condition of my tack upon my pony's return home. She is an excellent communicator and sent numerous emails and pictures of training progress. She was, at all times, extremely professional and courteous. All program goals were met and exceeded. Colleen defines the difference between an amateur and a professional trainer. She is truly an expert in the field!




"Lisa & Colleen are completely dedicated to the health & well-being of their ponies. They absolutely love each and every one of them. It is that love and compassion that ensures a wonderful match between pony and child. They would never recommend a pony that was not a well-suited match for the child and situation at hand. Colleen and Lisa work tirelessly to care for and train their ponies. It is truly their passion."


Dr. Kent Allen

Dr. Rae Stone Allen

“Five years ago I met Colleen when my eight year old daughter's pony acted up on a Pony Club trail ride.  My daughter, a confident rider in the ring, was very nervous as her pony jigged as the ride began.  Colleen, a stranger at the time, asked if I would like her to pony my daughter's pony on the ride.  My daughter had a great time and was able to complete the ride.  Soon thereafter we asked Colleen to take Danny for a tune up.  After only a few weeks of training at her farm, he returned to us calm and ready to do his job.   ...............She also cured a trailering difficulty he had, using a Parelli technique, and taught us so that I could easily load him alone.   .....I know that my children and I would not be successfully enjoying our horses without the training Colleen has provided for them, and just as importantly, the knowledge and training she has given us.  We are so lucky to have found her and I am so glad that she so generously offered to help my daughter on that trail ride five years ago.”

 Terri Allison




"My wife and I are very pleased with the sage advice and wise counsel Colleen has given us in purchasing 2 wonderful horses She knows her stuff, has lots of common sense and is very practical. She has a real gift for understanding a horse or pony's personality and what works and what does not. She has been providing excellent training for our horses, our ponies, our grandchildren and grandnieces . Her honesty and integrity are above reproach. We would recommend her to anyone without reservation."



"My Uncle has been lucky enough to have Colleen find him two very talented ponies. They are both a perfect match for the farm and have allowed from the first day to have my Uncle as well as his wife really have very fun relaxing trail rides on the farm. One of the ponies had only known western and Colleen has trained him to easily switch from one to the other. She is also teaching me and the young ponies about jumping all kinds of fences and stone walls. It is the most fun!"



"Colleen is always the example of professional in all her dealings with riders and horses/ponies. She is clear with and respectful of both our children and the horses/ponies. The amount of care she puts into the girls learning the best possible care of everything from the horses/ponies to the barn and tack is second to none. Colleen takes so much time making sure that the girls know what they are learning and why it is important. I feel so honored and lucky to have found Colleen and to have her knowledge of riding and all around horsewomanship be what our children get to experience. Everyone should be so lucky!"



Lisa is a wonderful person. She knows so much about horses and ponies and is a great teacher. She is a very fun person to be around as she shares her lifetime knowledge of horses and ponies. She is very passionate about what she does, and has a gentle way of teaching it to you that makes it very understandable. Thank you for all you have done for me!!!